A Catholic Nun speaks out about those pesky Monologues

Sr. Mary Eve has written a beautiful defense of the Vagina Monologues because as she eloquently says, they celebrate “the beauty of the vagina, in direct contrast to the message that women have often had to internalize – that it is dirty and not to be touched.”

Her essay contains a wonderful quote from Eve Ensler, author of the Monologues explaining why they are so important,

“Slowly, it dawned on me that nothing was more important than stopping violence toward women – that the desecration of women indicated the failure of human beings to honor and protect life and that this failing would, if we did not correct it, be the end of us all. I do not think I am being extreme. When you rape, beat, maim, mutilate, burn, bury, and terrorize women, you destroy the essential life energy on the planet. You force what is meant to be open, trusting, nurturing, creative, and alive to be bent, infertile, and broken.”

Sr. Mary Eve suggests an alternatve response from the Catholic Church which would honor the lives of women:

“Taking our cue from Jesus, if the Church stopped protesting the Monologues and instead started engaging women in an honest, healthy and mature dialogue, perhaps “The Vagina Monologues” would no longer be necessary. Until then, I’m afraid we women will have to remain content with a monologue and pray that someone is, at the very least, listening.


Why keeping the vagina in Valentine’s Day is important

Now that I’ve got your attention…Jessica Valenti and Ann Friedman have put together some outstanding commentary about the far right’s efforts to trash V-Day. Check out Jessica’s video and Ann’s written critique.

Jocelynne Scutt on exclusion of women in group investigating coup in Fiji

Human rights lawyer Jocelynne Scutt has a wonderful opinion piece out about the importance of including women in the Eminent Persons Group that has been tasked with investigating the recent coup in Fiji. Prior to the coup, women were a very important part of the effort to stop the government takeover. It is quite ironic that the name “Eminent Persons Group” is gender-neutral but yet no women are included, which is all too typical in commissions of this sort. Scutt writes,

“Not a single woman figures in the Eminent Persons Group lineup. To anyone living in the 21st century, this should be an obvious omission for many reasons.

Not the least is that many wise and powerful women are a part of the Pacific nations making up the Forum. Equally obvious, Fijian women – wise and powerful themselves – have a right to know that their issues, concerns, perceptions and understandings vis-à-vis the coup, their country and the way for the future will be paid proper attention.”

Scutt goes on to explain very eloquently why this is a violation of United Nations Resollution 1325 which mandates, “the important role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and in peace-building” and why it important that this be rectified.