Solstice Prayer by Janie Rezner

Warrior of LoveMany thanks to my dear friend Janie Rezner for allowing me to post her Solstice prayer. Janie is an extraordinary artist, poet and musician. She also has a radio program, Women’s Vocies on KZYX. Please visit her website to see more of her wonderful art and learn more about her work and life. .

This work is entitled Warrior of Love by Janie Rezner.


Mother Earth

we call you into our consciousness tonight,
on this pivotal point on earth, between dark and light
never have we needed you more
may your energy infuse us

we know you are calling all cultures and all peoples
to come together in sacred ceremony
we have been too long from the ancient ways

make us aware with each step we take
that you are the support beneath our feet
your energy courses through us to be called upon
to give us strength, to give us power
you are the ground upon which we stand!

Mother, we are grateful for your bountiful and endless gifts
may your gift of wisdom flower in each of us
opening our eyes, melting our hearts.

help us remember that envisioning peace and doing ceremony
is very important and it is not enough.
thinking peaceful thoughts is not enough
this is the time for action

as we dwell upon your sacred ground may
courageous energy well up within each of us
to dare to make waves, to dare to speak truth
the fierceness of the maternal instinct streaming through us
like a mother bear protecting her cubs . . . .

that we might rise up to protect all life on earth
for our children, for our grandchildren
and their grandchildren

becoming the embodiment of the sacred feminine,
so long absent from this greedfilled, violent, patriarchal world.

let us be aware that this work falls upon each of us
to do in our own way . . . . . for

we each get to travel the “hero/heroine’s journey”
we each get to push past our comfort zone
we each get to stand up and be counted
for we are on a journey of the soul

thank you Mother Earth for the pure living waters, air, soil
that you have richly bestowed upon us
and that now is in need of our help
give us courage and wisdom to go forth
to be a voice for those who have no voice,
for those who have no protection from violence ,
for those who have no food or shelter,
for the suffering animals on land and in the seas, and the winged ones,
for the environment herself.

we have great work to do
with your wisdom coursing through us
may we rise up to turn this ship around

and reclaim our birthright,
the realm of Joy!

on the eve of 2007

Janie Rezner
Spiritual Feminist Warrior


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