Jane Smiley: The Buck Stops Everywhere

Jane Smiley has a wonderful essay on the Huffington Post entitled, “The Buck Stops Everywhere”. In her eloquent words,

“…we have reached the stage in this disintegrating war where the buck stops everywhere, and we will be deeply sorry in the end when the face-saving surge fails.”

The gist of what Smiley is saying isn’t anything new. Perhaps Audre Lorde’s well known line says it best: “Your silence will not protect you.” The overwhelming results of the November elections in the U.S. are certainly heartening but they are only a beginning. We cannot allow the escalation of military action in Iraq to be diminished by deceptively repackaging our actions as a “surge”. Poll after poll now shows an incredibly low level of support for the President and the war in Iraq, even among our military forces. Clearly the American people want an end to this madness. The question is, do we have the continued will to not only say ‘stop’, but to mean it as well.


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