Code Pink gives Harry hell

Several days ago, Code Pink sent out an alert asking people to contact Harry Reid and tell him that his  statement supporting sending more troops to Iraq was unacceptable. The following from CP was in my inbox this morning:

“Many thanks to those of you who took action this week to contact Senator Harry Reid about his remarks that he would support sending more troops to Iraq. His office was flooded with calls and emails on Tuesday! Below is a statement Senator Reid posted yesterday, saying that he does NOT support an escalation of the conflict and wants to bring out troops home. Let’s be clear: He only backed down because of the pressure he felt from the grassroots. Let’s see this as an important victory, and a lesson that we must be on constant alert to push this new Congress to end the war.”

How perfect that this should be the news on the day of the Winter Solstice.  Let’s take this as a sign of the great turning and let it energize us for the work ahead.  Now let’s tell Congress that rubberstamping the Pentagon’s request for 99 bilion more of our dollars is not okay, nor is it ok to give a President who has repeatedly and willfully broken the law a free pass.  Put impeachment back on the table!


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