Alice Waters on the politics of food

Alice Waters, owner and chef of Chez Panisse had a wonderful piece in The Nation back in August that I just caught up with after it was reprinted in a local alternative paper.  But as we go into the holidays when a good ot of us will gorge ourselves silly, it seemed quite timely.  In Slow Food Nation, Waters writes,

“By now it is generally conceded that the food we eat could actually be making us sick, but we still haven’t acknowledged the full consequences–environmental, political, cultural, social and ethical–of our national diet. These consequences include soil depletion, water and air pollution, the loss of family farms and rural communities, and even global warming.”

Our lives have gotten so complicated and busy that it is all too easy to lose sight of these connections, and of course the ramifications of our shortsightedness are very damaging.  Many thanks to Alice Waters for this excellent reminder of how our lives and the welfare of our planet are so intimately connected.


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  1. Alice Waters appears in my film Monet’s Palate and her passion and care for the world around her..expressed through cuisine becomes more and more important each day. – Aileen Bordman

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