Women wearing pink–be very scared

Yesterday I saw a little news item about how it was perfectly feasible to bring a nuclear device through one of our sea ports due to thoroughly inadaquate security. So this is the sort of thing we should be addressing when we look at how to make the country safer, right? Wrong. It seems that there lurks a much more dangerous menace, women wearing pink. The New York Times reports that when one Richard Grenell, the UN’s head of external relations, was questioned by the attorney for what we shall now call the UN Four (see previous posts on Cindy Sheehan) as to why he felt our intrepid petition bearers were a danger, he gave the following testimony,

“These women in pink looked dangerous?” Mr. Gottlieb asked.

“It sounds like women in pink are innocent,” Mr. Grenell replied. “But I was nervous that day. First of all, they were marching towards the mission. The police were coming. They clearly were happy, and they were not paying attention to anything else.”

If this is the UN’s, not to mention the NYPD’s, idea of what is dangerous, one begins to see why there is so much real danger in the world.


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