Cindy Sheehan: A plan for peace

After my earlier post about Cindy Sheehan, I found a piece by Cindy that includes her reflection on her appearance in court the other day,

As I sat in court in New York City yesterday listening to the “People’s” “case” against me and my co-defendants actions on March 6th when we were arrested in front of the US mission to the UN, 10 of our troops were slaughtered in Iraq by BushCo and Congress. As we were having our time wasted and the tax-payer’s money of the people of the State of New York wasted, 10 more mothers were collapsing in a pile of grief, shock, and agony while our government is staying an evidently wrong course in Iraq. We don’t even know how many Iraqis were killed yesterday for the sins of BushCo and the complicity of Congress.

Cindy also talks about a very simple plan for peace–quit funding the war. Simple as that. And she is right. Now we just have to get through to Congress that this is why we elected them.


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