The Women of Oaxaca

On Thursday night (Nov. 19), a 48 year old Oaxacan women called into the APPO university radio and testified that the Federal Prevetive Police occuping the zocalo had sexualy assaulted and harrassed her. Sinse (sic) then, many stories have emerged of sexual assault on part of the Federal Preventive Police. In response, hundreds of women marched around the Zocalo, where police stand gaurd in riot gear with water tanks around the perimeter. Some of the women theaterically reanacted the sexual harassment in front of the PFP, and others held mirrors with “we are rapists” written on them facing the PFP. Before the act the PFP peppersprayed the crowd, and the PFP also advanced water tanks during the performance.”

Infoshop description of the November 19th protest by women in Oaxaca as posted on Women of Color.

Many thanks to Rochelle Gause for permission to post these wonderful pictures of Thursday’s women’s action in Oaxaca. You can see more of Rochelle’s photos here.


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