Sheroes in the Peace Movement

Was cleaning through my inbox and came across this link that someone had sent me about the Peace Encampment Herstory Project. How very inspiring! Another fine site that documents the history of women in the peace movement is the Danish Peace Academy’s documentation of the Greenham Common Peace Camp Songbooks.


Statement by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Center


Ok, it’s just a little fantasy, but what if women in every nation issued such a statement:

From: FWCC
To: Pacific Womens’ Information Network
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2006 4:34 PM
Subject: [pacwin] Stop the War of Words

27 November 2006

Press Release

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre has called for an end to the War of Words
that is currently taking place amongst leaders in the country and for those
involved to come together for meaningful dialogue. “This has gone on for too
long and the whole country is beginning to feel the consequences”, said
Shamima Ali, Coordinator of FWCC.

“Each party has valid points to raise, however the manner in which things
are being conducted makes sound resolution seem beyond reach”, said Ali. The
FWCC has gone on to say that what is being displayed is a group of men
posturing around trying to prove their points and that there are able
women’s groups in the country which can play a mediating role. “If they
cannot resolve their issues on their own – let the women’s groups play a
role in mediating and bring about some semblance of peace – it isn’t about
individuals’ feelings anymore, it is about what is at stake for our nation.
We cannot afford to go down a path where there is complete disintegration of
law and order which will only exacerbate the current economic downturn”,
said Ali. According to Ali we only have to look at our own history and
recent events in neighbouring countries to see the devastating effects of
such instability. “We should not create a situation where foreign troops are
needed in our country because we messed up”, said Ali.

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Report on 1000 Grandmothers Action at SOA

Many thanks to Cathy Webster for this wonderful report on the 1000 Grandmothers action at the School of the Americas protest. Please be sure to check out the link to their site below to see the beautiful, inspiring poster that is now on their homepage.


Hello Grannies and those with grannie hearts!

Many of you have read or heard about our great successful effort to bring 1000 Grandmothers to SOA. The weekend of November 17-19 was an inspiring example of what ordinary people with consciences and world compassion can effect when they set their minds to it.

I am of the opinion that we have closed the SOA – even Ft. Benning! The gate to the campus of the Army base – wide open during the week – was encased in three successive chain link fences with razor wire over the tops; the bottom of the fences were threaded with cable so they couldn’t be lifted. And the “Welcome To Ft. Benning” sign was completely covered with a heavy brown tarp. Most of this we found on Saturday; the third fence appeared on Sunday morning.

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Take Back the Tech

Brava to the women at the Association for Progressive Communications, Women’s Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP) for their Take Back the Tech Campaign which runs Nov. 25 through Dec. 10. The campaign is designed to raise awareness between technology and violence against women. Their website has some excellent material on the relationship between technology and VAW, touching issues such as trafficking and gaming and much more. There are some great ideas for actions that anyone can take such as using email signatures to get the message out, blogging, etc. Be sure to visit this very inspiring website and participate in this excellent campaign.

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Ercilia Sandoval’s Fight for Health Care

Ercilia Sandoval is fighting for a right that no woman should every be denied. An immigrant from El Salvador, she works as a janitor in Houston. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she could not find a hospital that would treat her because she didn’t have health insurance.

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Janis Karpinski–Proof that Rumsfeld committed war crimes

Breaking story:  Former U.S. Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski told a Spanish newspaper that she has evidence that Donald Rumsfeld specifically approved the torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib.  Karpinski also said that Rumsfeld further violated the Geneva Conventions by not registering all prisoners.  She said last week that she is prepared to testify against Rumsfeld.

It has been clear from the beginning that despite Pentagon spin, what happened at Abu Ghraib clearly was more than the act of low-ranking soldiers.  With Karpinski’s statements, there is finally a clear path that leads to the highest levels of government.

The Women of Oaxaca

On Thursday night (Nov. 19), a 48 year old Oaxacan women called into the APPO university radio and testified that the Federal Prevetive Police occuping the zocalo had sexualy assaulted and harrassed her. Sinse (sic) then, many stories have emerged of sexual assault on part of the Federal Preventive Police. In response, hundreds of women marched around the Zocalo, where police stand gaurd in riot gear with water tanks around the perimeter. Some of the women theaterically reanacted the sexual harassment in front of the PFP, and others held mirrors with “we are rapists” written on them facing the PFP. Before the act the PFP peppersprayed the crowd, and the PFP also advanced water tanks during the performance.”

Infoshop description of the November 19th protest by women in Oaxaca as posted on Women of Color.

Many thanks to Rochelle Gause for permission to post these wonderful pictures of Thursday’s women’s action in Oaxaca. You can see more of Rochelle’s photos here.